Wednesday, September 18, 2013


AUTISM HIPPIE PARENTING TIP: It is significantly more difficult to remove intense/violent video games than it is to NEVER allow access to them in the first place. 

When Mike was younger, I noticed an increase in anxiety and physical outbursts associated with playing computer and video games. These were NON-violent games! In an effort to reduce his outbursts, I REMOVED the computers and video games from my home. YES, for MANY years MY only computer access was an old laptop - hidden away. This is NOT an easy way to live - BUT his anxiety went away.

After a few years of DETOX, I introduced a wii system. Mike has plenty of NON-violent games that he enjoys. He uses an iTouch to access youtube videos of his favorite movie clips - again, ALL NON-violent. The parental locks are set to BLOCK internet surfing. He does NOT have access to a computer. He has an IPad that remains at school.

While Mike is 17 yrs old, developmentally he is around 7. He is a VERY BIG BOY and I CAN'T physically control him. I can't imagine what he would be like had I not made these LIFESTYLE changes for him. His outbursts surrounding computer/video games were INTENSE. Over the years, I have seen far too many of our kids become addicted to SCREENS and have access to material that they are NOT DEVELOPMENTALLY capable of processing. I have worked with families to detox their kid and it's NOT an easy process.

Please, monitor your child's access to technology - stick with the family fun games and continue to monitor them. 
If I see that Mike is becoming too *interested* in a video game, it disappears.  If he is anxiously searching for the game - I BREAK IT!  YES, I know that the games are expensive - but Mike is WORTH IT! 


  1. This is the most amazing post I've read on this subject.

    Buy my condos!

  2. Great Post, I'm lucky that my 11 year old has no interest in any video games, his addiction is Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Shark Tale and Nemo. (also any elmo or sesame street video). I've seen pictures of Mike and my Max will be about the same size when he's older.
    My 7 year old non verbal daughter also doesn't do video games. She watches one show and one show only on amazon prime, it's called Mighty Bee.
    I have to say, I like the fact you are doing a blog and giving some advise. I'd be just as happy with the Noodle salad you provide. Keep up the great work Autism Hippie.

    1. THANK YOU! As I mentioned, I haven't had a computer in YEARS! I got my Mac two weeks before I started the Page. In addition to learning how to use it, I''ve been relearning how to type, instead of text. I've been using my iPhone as my primary computer for YEARS. My eyesight is GONE!

      I'm really please that people are enjoying the Hippie approach to autism. This has been an overwhelming positive experience for me. :-)

      We're *still* watching Sesame Street and I couldn't be happier!