Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Have EACH of your guests brings the following to play:
(Make sure they use SECURITY envelopes – NO CHEATING)
($25.00 per player – adjust to YOUR budget)

-       Envelopes filled with the following: 
  •      1 Envelope filled with a $10.00 bill
  •      1 Envelope filled with a $5.00 bill
  •      10 Envelopes filled with $1.00 bills
  •       3 Envelopes with blank slips of paper

Place everyone's envelopes in a basket.  The basket is passed around and each player selects ONE envelope per round. (Have someone hold the basket high – so the player selecting can't see what s/he is choosing.)

In addition to the above mentioned envelopes, add envelopes containing the following messages. 
  • Skip a turn
  • Trade you money with the player who has the most money
  • Trade your money with the player who has the least amount of money.
  • Give 3 players $1.00 – if you don’t have $3.00, take $5.00 from a player.
  • Take $1.00 from every player who is younger than you. If they ALL don’t have $1.00, give each player that is older than you $1.00, until you run out of $$. 
  • Get 3 players a drink.
  • Trade your money with the player on your left.
  • Take $1.00 from 3 different players.
  • Give 3 players $1.00
  • Pick two envelopes on your next turn.
  • Pick two players to trade their money.
  • Take $1.00 from every player who is older than you. If you are the oldest player, give the youngest player $5.00.
  • Take $5.00 from two players.
  • Take $10.00 from someone.
  • Give $5.00 to a player. If you don’t have $5.00, take $2.00 from three different players.
  • Have the player to your right trade his/her money with the player to your left. 
  • Every player gives you $1.00
  • Trade a $5.00 for a $10.00, from the player of your choice. If you don't have a $5.00 bill - Trade a $1.00 bill for a $5.00 bill.  

Make up messages to fit your family. We add 2 or 3 envelopes with the same message – depends on the number of guests you have. The more rounds you play – the more fun!

If Money ‘Game’ Envelopes are picked during the FIRST round or before players have money, we typically put them back and pick again. IOUs & loans are permitted!!

Make up rules and messages to fit your family - ENJOY!!


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